Fire Alarm Systems

C&T Electrical have extensive experience in the design, installation, inspection and maintenance of a range of Fire Detection and Alarm Systems to suit all users.

C&T  only use the latest technology insuring a reduction in time on site and reduce costs to our customers.

Different users require different forms of fire detection and alarm systems from Manual Call Point activation (MCP) systems through to comprehensive systems where combinations of MCP and AFD (Automatic Fire Detection) and alarm activators are used to provide an in-depth solution. C&T Electrical can help with the design and management of fire detection systems from providing initial fire precaution advice through to design of passive protection components and design and installation of active fire protection systems. We can provide staff training in the use of the fire alarm and offer support in the event of a fault developing.

C&T Electrical  provide a comprehensive testing service. This is usually done on a three monthly basis and includes checking that smoke detectors, strobes and door closers are all functioning correctly. We also check alarm sound levels and the presence of dust in the detectors (which may result in false alarms) and analyse any fault patterns since the last visit. All our works is to BS 5839-1:2013 non domestic premises and BS5839-6:2013 for domestic premises.

C&T Electrical provide a broad range of Systems:

  • Category M -  Basic Manual Call Point system
  • Category L1 – L5 Comprehensive AFD systems
  • Category P1 – P2 (Property) Protection

Alarm Systems can be devised that include:

  • Audible Alarms, Bells, Electronic Sounders and sounder Base
  • Visual Alarms including Flashing Beacons and strobes
  • Tactile Alarms including Pillow Alarms, Bed Alarms, Disabled Refuge Alarm.

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